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Trinity Farms is a family owned cattle and pig farm in Harvest, Alabama. We're located in north Alabama about 10 miles from the Tennessee state line and about 10 miles from Huntsville. The farm began in 1989 as a 4-H project raising hogs and stocker calves. It has since grown into a full cattle operation where we raise Angus mama cows and finished calves. We have recently expanded the business by purchasing a farm in central Alabama. The warmer climate enables us to graze cattle for a longer period of time and we can reach all of our customers much easier. We proudly supply high quality, all natural beef and pork varieties. Visit us or shop online!

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From our Farm to your Table

Trinity Farms offers families all-natural beef and pork just like they did in the old days. We custom-raise our animals to give you a healthy, economical, convenient meat option. We stand behind the philosophy that you should know where your food comes from and how it's raised so you can ensure only the best for your home. Our mission is to provide an excellent, healthy product that exceeds customer expectations. From our family to yours, we work hard to raise premium cattle and hogs to ensure quality results and nutritious meals for your home.   

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Premium Taste: We believe the meat should taste great (better than store-bought) and be lean and tender. The meat should also be healthy, just like God intended (and better than store-bought). That's precisely what you get with us. Since we raise our cattle and hogs naturally and healthily, it's reflected in the taste.

Cost Effective: We offer home delivery anywhere in the south (including Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and north Florida) for your convenience. High-quality, healthy, farm-raised meat does not need to be expensive. We don't think eating healthy should mean increasing your grocery bill.

Wholesome & Natural: We strongly believe in feeding our family healthy, natural food. That's part of why we entered into the cattle business to raise cattle and hogs like the old days, free-range and hormone-free. We don't just do this for a profit but as a means to feed our family as we see fit.

Our Guarantee To You

- Animals are raised all-natural 

- We offer 100% grass-fed beef and feed-supplemented beef

 - The calves do not receive any antibiotics or growth hormones 

- Feed-supplemented beef is fed all-natural, non-GMO, non-commercial, home-made feed

- Our proprietary feed mixture is all-natural, containing no antibiotics or hormones

 - Pork is all-natural and fed all-natural feed

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Trinity Farms Banks On Homegrown Beef

October 24, 2018 By Marlee Moore

When clients place an order with farmer David Lee, they’re not just stocking their freezer with Trinity Farms homegrown beef. They’re chatting directly with the man who raises and markets natural-finished and grass-fed calves. It’s a perk the Lowndes County farmer said adds value to his Alabama-grown Angus.

“We sell a premium, local product,” said Lee, 44. “You’re getting good service from me. I’ll even load your freezer, if you want.

Buffi Young of Harvest has dialed into Lee’s offer for over a decade. “David’s business is reminiscent of small-town America where customer service is important,” Young said. “You also don’t have to buy the whole calf. You order what you need.”


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