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Finest Cuts Of Meat


Our calves are Angus-based, which means the dominant breed is Angus and will contain another breed such as Simmental or Chianina in order to increase the growth efficiency and leanness of the calves. We finish our calves, generally, to 1200-1400 pounds. This gives us about a 700-800 pound carcass. We like them this size because it gives the consumer a great yield and large, tender cuts. We offer two types of finished beef, grass-fed and natural-finished. Our grass-feds are available seasonally and only graze native pastures. The natural-finished calves are grazing grass, but will also receive a supplement (which usually does not contain grain). The supplement is a roughage based feed that we mix at the farm. It is a non-commercial feed that is all-natural and does not contain any antibiotics. The flavor of the supplemented beef is usually more desirable and familiar to most customers and it is available year-round.   


Our hogs are fed all-natural in north Alabama. They are fed non-gmo (genetically modified) grain. We like to feed the hogs to 300 to 340 pounds. This gives the most desirable yield and quality. Hogs usually yield a 200 to 240 pound carcass.   

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If you have any trouble downloading any of these, please contact me, I will be happy to email or mail a copy. If you have any questions filling out the processing forms GIVE ME A CALL! I'll be happy to step you through it. It really isn't that bad. ***Keep in mind that animal weights can vary greatly! Live weight of beef can range from 900lbs to 1500lbs. Hogs will range from 270lbs. to 400lbs.

ORDERING PROCESS: Fill out the processing form as best as you can. You can either email it directly to me or mail it in with your deposit. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Email to: Phone: (256) 527-4780

Angus Beef Chart


We offer home delivery for all orders, to pretty much anywhere. Our main delivery area includes, but is not limited to, all of Alabama, south Tennessee and the panhandle of Florida. We will be happy to accommodate group orders and delivery for a discount. Just let us know your location and we will be happy to give you an estimate for delivery.

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Our meat is sold as custom which means by the side or quarter animal. We welcome group orders. This would be for large groups that would like to split beef or pork or if a small group would like to divide a quarter or side. Please contact us for a price quote and delivery options.

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